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GRAPE muscadine darlene 1 gal.

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The Darlene muscadine vine is a beautiful bronze female variety that is the most requested as it has 22% sugar and the flavor is unbeatable. Considered by most to be the best bronze muscadine variety available.

The Darlene muscadine produces consistently large fruit that is 1 1/4" in diameter. Fruit is bronze that turns pinkish in color as it fully ripens. This muscadine fruit has a dry scar which means when you pick it from the vine and pull it from the stem, the skin stays intact and does not split. The pulp is melting and very juicy. Definitely one of the most excellent quality muscadine fruits available. This variety is disease resistant and ripens early to mid-season.

Darlene needs a pollinator. Plant a self-fertile variety within 50 feet.
More Information
Common Name Darlene Muscadine Grape
Botanical Name Vitis rotundifolia 'Darlene'
Light Full sun
Growth Size 4-6' tall x 4-6' wide
Zone Zone 7 / Hardy to 10°F