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CYPRESS bald 45 gal.

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The tree is grown as an ornamental for its colourful fall foliage and can be cultivated far north of its native range. Bald cypresses are long-lived and slow-growing. A young bald cypress is symmetrical and pyramidal. As it matures, it develops a coarse wide-spreading head. The reddish brown bark weathers to an ashy gray. The flat needlelike leaves are arranged alternately in two ranks along small twigs. The trees are deciduous, though the leaves can persist year-round in warm climates. The seed cones are green and globular and are typically no larger than 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) in diameter.
More Information
Light Full sun
Botanical Name Taxodium distichum
Growth Size 60-75' tall x 25-30' wide
Zone Zone 5 / Hardy to -10ºF
Common Name Bald Cypress

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