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CRAPE MYRTLE purple magic 3 gal.

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The Purple Magic Crape Myrtle produces an abundance of crinkly, purple blooms July to September. New growth starts out as a red in the spring before turning green in the summer. An additional perk of the Magic Series Crape myrtles is the size. A smaller and more compact dwarf crape myrtle, this tree easily transforms into a nice hedge with its round, bushy form. Growing only 6 to 8 feet high makes this a perfect, compact ornamental tree to dress up any landscape. Not only is this tree bursting with color and compact, but it is also resistant to disease.
More Information
Common Name Purple Magic Crape Myrtle
Botanical Name Lagerstroemia 'Purple Magic' PP23906
Light Full sun
Growth Size 6-10' tall x 6-10' wide
Zone Zone 6 / Hardy to 0ºF